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RYBL Adventure Retreat 2020

The 2019 RYBL Adventure Retreat in Wisconsin was such an AMAZING experience! They say you never forget your first time, and that's true - we will never forget how much fun we had!

We had so much fun that a LOT of women wanted to join our 2020 team. There were 32 spots and they are all filled.


From our experience in 2019, we learned it’s highly likely that a few team members will need to drop out. An unexpected surgery, an unavoidable work trip, a family emergency, for example. Jen and I found ourselves scrambling at the last minute to find replacements who were trained and ready to go. And our 2020 team will be twice the size, which increases the chance it will happen again.

So this year we created three additional spots for team members to be designated as alternates. You'll train with the team, have access to all the Run Your Best Life coaching and resources, and then in the very likely event that a spot becomes available, you won't have to rush to train - you'll be right where you need to be - with no financial risk.

If a spot doesn't become available, we'll refund your entire registration fee of $800 PLUS half of any Run Your Best Life membership fees you've paid. So basically you get amazing training and coaching for half of what you'd normally pay, and you'll also be GUARANTEED a spot on the 2021 team.

If you're still interested, read on to understand what's involved in the training and race experience.


The Wisconsin race dates have not been formally announced yet but we are expecting them to be September 17-19. You would need to arrive in Wausau on September 16th and depart on September 20th.

The 2020 training program starts in January.

We'll begin by building a base through strength training and speed/hill work. For those of you who live in cold climates, you can do all of this indoors!

In April we'll start acclimating you to trail running and build your endurance and skills from there. You'll do some night running and seek out more technical trails to practice on.

There will be monthly coaching calls and you'll upload all of your training activities to the Training Peaks app where Jill and Jen will be reviewing your progress.


Ragnar is a multi-loop race in the middle of the woods. We don't care about being back of the packers but we do care about the training and safety of our runners and finishing within the race time limit. With that in mind, here are the requirements for joining the RYBL Ragnar team:

  • You must complete at least one weekly trail run.
  • Report road miles, trail miles, and workouts in the Training Peaks app (don't worry - the app is free and we'll help you set it up).
    • Jill and Jen will be monitoring your progress to ensure you're keeping up with your training, and will be there to help you if you're struggling! 
  • Strength training workouts designed to improve your stability and stamina on trails will be provided.
  • To ensure our team has an amazing experience, we would prefer all team members (including Jill and Jen!) to be able to cover 6 road miles in 95 minutes or less by April 1st, 2020 (roughly a 16 minute/mile pace). We will be providing speed workouts to help you with this.
  • You do not have to be able to hold this pace to join the team right now but you have to be willing to do the pace work to get there by April.
  • Our goal is to have a team average road pace of at least 14 min/mile. Some will be slower and some faster, but if our team average is 14 min/mile, we'll be in great shape to finish within the time limit.
  • Plan to arrive on Wednesday night and depart on Sunday morning
  • You MUST be a member of Run Your Best Life to participate. All training will take place within the group.  
  • You have the option of purchasing an annual or monthly subscription to Run Your Best Life when you sign up below. If you decide to cancel your membership prior to the race you will lose your spot on the team and forfeit your deposit. Choosing the annual option now ensures you will be a member at the time of the race.


Ready to run with us?? Here's what's included in your registration fee.

  • All race registrations
  • Glamping accommodations
  • 9 month trail-specific training program
  • Monthly coaching calls with Jill/Jen to cover mental and physical aspects of training
  • Direct oversight of your training progress in Training Peaks app
  • Team t-shirt with YOUR NAME on it!
  • Swag Bag with lots of fun treats
  • Thursday morning group coaching session before the race
  • Thursday night pre-race party
  • Saturday awards ceremony after-party (with champagne!)
  • All meals from Thursday afternoon-Saturday afternoon (excluding your personal race fuel and hydration choices)
  • Spending money for the Ragnar Village
  • Trail running tutorials
  • No volunteer shifts at the event!


2 payments of $400 + a membership to Run Your Best Life. Your first $400 payment plus your membership (either first month or annual) is due today and the other $400 will be charged to your card on file on April 15th. 

Please keep in mind that the following expenses are not covered by your registration fee:

  • Flights to and from Wausau
  • Wednesday night and Saturday night in a hotel 
  • Parking at the race ($20)
  • Ground transportation between airport/hotel/Glampsite 
  • Your personal race fuel and hydration choices (water will be provided)
  • Meals outside of the retreat (this includes dinner on Wednesday, breakfast and lunch on Thursday, dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday before you leave)
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Today we will process a $400, non-refundable retreat deposit to hold your spot on the RYBL Adventure Retreat Ragnar team.

Your second retreat payment of $400 will be processed on April 15th if you have met the training milestones outlined above. If not, the coaches will discuss your situation and determine your continued participation on the team.

In addition, you must choose either the annual or monthly RYBL membership option. BEST VALUE: Choosing the annual option gives you two months free plus a private call with Jill.

item qty priceToday's Total
itemRagnar 2020qty1price2 payments of $400.00Today's Total$400.00
itemRun Your Best Life Annualqty price$390.00 per yearToday's Total$390.00
itemRun Your Best Life Monthlyqty price$39.00 per monthToday's Total$0.00
Today's Total$790.00

The fine print: There are no refunds for RYBL Adventure Retreat payments. You must be an active member of Run Your Best Life on the date of the Ragnar race in 2020. If you are not an active member, you will be removed from the team and you will forfeit any prior payments. Purchasing an annual membership today will ensure you are a current member next September.